Military Helmet Nightvision Soldier Gear 03- Game Ready

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Low poly of a military helmet, unwrapped with PBR textures. OBJ files and FBX files. Two helmets included- With and without nightvision. Ready for use in any 3D software or game engine.

Polygon Count: 11,442
Verts: 6,632
Unwrapped: Non- Overlapping

Diffuse 4096x4096
Metalness 4096x4096
Roughness 4096x4096
Normal 4096x4096
Emissive 4096x4096
Opacity 4096x4096

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Erica grenci screenshot005serse
Erica grenci screenshot002dfhee
Erica grenci screenshot005
Erica grenci screenshot004
Erica grenci screenshot003